The consultation process

Life is a constantly changing journey, and so is the finance & savings market. Working successfully as an advisor in these circumstances requires a plan, skills, time and resources.

In order to achieve successful advisory services for investment, we at Nordic Partners work methodically and consistently with a 5 step model. We consider following this counselling process correctly to be of utmost importance in order to achieve a long-term optimal solution for you.

1. Situation Analysis 

This is what happens at the first personal meeting between the client and the adviser. Together, we will analyse your current situation. At this stage all the facts are gathered and the advisor will also get a clear picture of your financial situation, prospects and expectations. Everything is documented in accordance with current regulations and standards. This information provides the basis for being able to present an optimal solution for the customer.

2. Requirement Analysis 

Now that the client's personal and financial goals have been established, and the customer's risk preferences have been agreed upon, the advisor will analyse all collected information and make a thorough analysis of requirements. The counsellor will then make a report to be handed to the customer with suggested solutions.

3. Report 

Based on the requirement analysis the advisor will submit a proposal for a solution which aims to create a comprehensive solution and achieve the client's objectives. The investment advisor coordinates the client's risk preferences, needs and goals, and subsequently prepares a financial plan. Finally, the products that the advisor has concluded are the best for achieving the client's goals are localized and presented. The advisor also explains each of the recommended product's dynamics: characteristics, risks, conditions and fees. The overall goal of this step is to provide knowledge of what is required to achieve the set goals.

4. Implementation 

After you have read the advisory report and familiarized yourself with the conditions and the products, what remains is your decision about whether to implement it or not. If it turns out that you do not feel satisfied with the plan, it can be modified further. If you do feel comfortable with your financial plan, the capital will be sent directly to the product provider under the advisor's instructions. We at Nordic Partners manage no client funds.

5. Follow Up 

We all live in a constantly changing world, where personal as well as employment conditions are subject to change. Financial advice is perishable, which means that previous advice may become outdated. Therefore, we at Nordic Partners feel that a continuous follow-up plan should always be in place to ensure that the customer receives a long-term optimal solution regarding his or her invested capital.

Active Counselling

Through an active form of counselling and close relationships with fund managers and organizers, our goal is to create capital growth for our customers, alongside successful investments.

Nordic partners

At Nordic Partners we offer a wide range of products and we tailor recommendations to our clients' needs and circumstances.

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