Our Partners

Några av de partners vi arbetar med.

Some of the partners we work alongside. To assist our clients in getting a tailor-made solution, we work with most operators on the market, and if there is a specific operator that we do not work with as of today, but from whom a client wishes to buy a product, we will find a solution to the specific issue. The operators we work with include:

  • Skandia
  • Royal Skandia
  • Länsförsäkringar
  • Folksam
  • Movestic
  • Danica
  • SPP
  • SEB Life
  • SEB Trygg liv
  • Garantum
  • Strukturinvest
  • Carnegie

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Active Counselling

Through an active form of counselling and close relationships with fund managers and organizers, our goal is to create capital growth for our customers, alongside successful investments.

Nordic partners

At Nordic Partners we offer a wide range of products and we tailor recommendations to our clients' needs and circumstances.

Main Office

Birger Jarlsgatan 18 A, 3 tr
114 34 Stockholm

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