Other Services

In order to offer our customers great service and a complete solution, we collaborate with external partners with whom we've built close relationships, and who help us with questions surrounding tax and law.

Taxes and Law

We're happy to help with questions concerning tax and law for both private citizens and businesses. We've got great relationships with market savvy attorneys, lawyers and accountants, so that we can offer our clients a complete package, as finance and law often go hand in hand. Examples of situations where our tax and law services might applicable are:

  • Tax questions surrounding corporate sales
  • International Incorporation
  • Annual Reports
  • Declarations
  • Testaments and Wills

Active Counselling

Through an active form of counselling and close relationships with fund managers and organizers, our goal is to create capital growth for our customers, alongside successful investments.

Nordic partners

At Nordic Partners we offer a wide range of products and we tailor recommendations to our clients' needs and circumstances.

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