Issuance 5 - Mangold


Mangold is launching its fifth issuance open for subscription until the 26th of August. A foremost concern for many investors right now is that Brexit actually became a reality. The stock markets dropped sharply on Monday, but the Stockholm Stock Exchange, for example, rebounded slightly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

With that being said, it is still incredibly difficult to make any concrete conclusions about either the short or long term effects of Britain's European exit. Irregardless, most investors will remain on their guard in the near future.

However, it's important to remember that it is in topical times that structured products prove extra viable. As an investor you can vigorously take part in these upward movements while still coping with possible major falls, due to your capital protection and/or risk barriers.

Mangold's fifth issuance thus presents three products, namely Global Equity-Linked Companies 6, Sprinter OMX 6 and Autocall European Companies Acc. Monthly Coupon +/-. The first two were part of previous issuances. The latter additional product also provides an opportunity for monthly accumulation of coupons of 1 percent, and a coupon barrier of 60 percent.

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