Garantum's new issuance June 2016


Garantum Brokerage launches its new issuance today, and this is subscribable until the 1st of September. So what does the market look like right now? Unfortunately, the unrest is still palpably acute and severe. In additions to concerns about China's economic situation, concerns about the possible Brexit have heightened the unrest. Although these storm clouds will eventually subside, the fall election in the US, as well as an increased American inflation pressure, must also be considered.

Despite the dark clouds, the global economy is slowly but surely growing stronger. General statistics indicate that the American labour market remains strong, despite employment growth being low last month. An increase in jobs and wages will make for a higher domestic demand, while, simultaneously, the growth in Europe will gradually become broader and deeper. As well, Chinese economic activity is strong enough to support increased growth in the world economy, despite expectations that it will be lower than last year.

However, even if global growth has become progressively more stable, market development remains uneven. The need for alternative investments will therefore be a priority. This means investments that will allow returns, despite expectations of more subdued stock market activity. This also provides a lower risk than would a direct investment in the stock market. This is why we want to present the latest Garantum issuance offering these investments ( Feel free to contact us at or at 0768673525 for a noncommittal meeting, or with any questions you might have.

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