Issuance 5 - Mangold


Mangold is launching its fifth issuance open for subscription until the 26th of August. A foremost concern for many investors right now is that Brexit actually became a reality. The stock markets dropped sharply on Monday, but the Stockholm Stock Exchange, for example, rebounded slightly on Tuesday and Wednesday. With that being said, it is still incredibly difficult to make any concrete conclusions about either the short or long term effects of Britain's European exit. Irregardless, most investors will remain on their guard in the near future. However, it's important to remember that it is in topical times that structured products prove ...

Structure Invest's Summer Issuance


Structure Invest's summer issuance is finally here, subscribable until September 2nd. In addition to the basic offers, interesting High Yield placements, such as 1396 Stena Interest Bond and 1399 Global Credit Bond are also being presented. High Yield is part of the market for corporate bonds. Corporate bonds, i.e. bonds issued by companies, have become increasingly popular due to historically low interest rates as well as a high uncertainty in the stock market. Bonds termed High Yield have a higher risk than other bonds, but will in turn pay a higher interest rate. Next, the issue presents investments with exposure to ...

Garantum's new issuance June 2016


Garantum Brokerage launches its new issuance today, and this is subscribable until the 1st of September. So what does the market look like right now? Unfortunately, the unrest is still palpably acute and severe. In additions to concerns about China's economic situation, concerns about the possible Brexit have heightened the unrest. Although these storm clouds will eventually subside, the fall election in the US, as well as an increased American inflation pressure, must also be considered. Despite the dark clouds, the global economy is slowly but surely growing stronger. General statistics indicate that the American labour market remains strong, despite employment ...

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Through an active form of counselling and close relationships with fund managers and organizers, our goal is to create capital growth for our customers, alongside successful investments.

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