Legal Information

Our life insurance license is approved by the FSA.

The life insurance license (Life license) gives the legal entity Nordic Partners Sweden AB the right to provide financial advisory services and to provide help with all life insurance types on the market: for example, endowment insurance, pension insurance, service pension, etc. Nordic Partners Sweden AB is registered with the Companies Registration Office and the Financial Supervisory Authority as an insurance provider.

The FSA has given Nordic Partners its insurance license. This life insurance license means that Nordic Partners is authorized to pursue insurance mediation in all classes of life insurance. Nordic Partners has also received a license to conduct investment advice on fund units and fund unit mediation.

§ The following laws and regulations govern our life insurance business: Law (SFS 2005: 405) on insurance mediation "Concerning the requirements Nordic Partners Sweden AB met to receive and possess a license. The law also governs how the business should be run. The law is supplemented by the provisions in" Regulation (SFS 2005: 411) on insurance mediation "and in" Financial Supervisory Authority regulation (FFFS 2005: 11), and general advice on insurance mediation "Also the following law regulates our life insurance business: " Law (SFS 2003: 862) Financial Advice to Consumers "giving the advising company the following obligations:

  • Verifying that the adviser has adequate skills
  • Documenting what happens during a counselling session and giving the customer a copy of this
  • Putting clients' interests first and adapting advice to the customer's wishes and needs, following proper advisory protocols
  • Dissuading the customer from unsuitable investments

The law also gives the counsellor a liability. The law is supplemented by " Financial Supervisory Authority regulation (FFFS 2004: 4), and general advice on financial services to consumers "and" The Consumer Agency's regulations (KOVFS 2004: 5), and general advice on financial services to consumers ".

All advisors have life insurance brokerage license

The Life Insurance Broker license gives the managers and employees at Nordic Partners the right to give advice in regards to all types of life insurance on the market. Nordic Partners, however, requires that all advisers have been approved in one of the markets and in relation to the FSA recognized insurance brokerage licenses (e.g. INSURESEC). This normally requires a year of study and a completed degree, along with two years of industry experience, to be able to start working with life insurance. The Life Insurance Broker educational program comprises the following areas:

  • Laws and agreements under the insurance coverage: national pension and health insurance, insurance based on collective agreements, systems-building, relationships and the protection they provide. Social Insurance Act, ITP, Contract pension SAF-LO, AFA Insurances, KAP-KL, PA-03, TGL, etc.
  • Insurance Techniques and Management: management procedures, risk assessment and the legal frameworks concerning the products in the life insurance business. Design of products, returns and repurchases, the product mix of life and fund insurance.
  • Occupational pensions: form and origin, solutions for employees of small, medium and large companies. Occupational pension forms, pension plans, collective binding agreement solutions for the management team, high earner solutions, officials and workers.
  • Legal concerns and taxation within life insurance, the Swedish legislation and judicial practice regarding life insurance. Rules for insurance businesses, insurance law, matrimonial law, cohabitation law, inheritance, guardianship, income tax and private pension insurance, occupational pension, return tax.
  • The insurance intermediary's role & responsibilities: law / regulation concerning insurance brokerage, intermediary's responsibility towards the customer and insurer, various party rights, contract law, tort law, liability insurance, international insurance, cross-border activities, the Financial Supervisory Agency's role and function, laws and regulations, documentation requirements, ethical standards within the industry.

Nordic Partners Sweden AB does cross-border operations in:

  • Spain
  • Portugal

We have liability insurance for the life insurance license

Nordic Partners has liability insurance with policy number SP674582.1.1 at IF Insurance of maximum EUR 1,120,200 per claim related to the life insurance license. Nordic Partners is liable under the law on insurance mediation (SFS 2005: 405) and must pay compensation if the insured suffers as a result of brokerage and investment advisory advice in regards to mutual funds, as an ancillary activity under the law on insurance mediation (SFS 2005: 405).

Investment Counselling

Nordic Partners Sweden AB is an affiliated agent of Garantum Fondkommission AB by law (2007: 528) regarding the securities market. As an affiliated agent Nordic Partners Sweden AB may market investment or ancillary services, receive and transmit instructions or orders relating to investment services or financial instruments, place financial instruments as well as provide investment advice to clients regarding financial instruments or services. Garantum Fondkommission AB is responsible for any pure financial loss that the agent, through its operations, whether intentionally or negligently, causes the customer.

  • All counsellors at Nordic Partners have Swedsec licenses to ensure quality advice and the correct skills.

Any complaints regarding investment advice shall be sent to Garantum Fondkommission AB Complaints Manager, PO Box 7364, 103 90 Stockholm.

Active Counselling

Through an active form of counselling and close relationships with fund managers and organizers, our goal is to create capital growth for our customers, alongside successful investments.

Nordic partners

At Nordic Partners we offer a wide range of products and we tailor recommendations to our clients' needs and circumstances.

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